Angélica André (Leixoes) hits a new national record in the 800 freestyle

Angélica André (Leixoes) set today a new national record in the 800 freestyle in the second day of the 29th International Meeting in Porto.

The swimmer registered a mark of 8:54.86, surpassing the previous record, 8:58:41 (senior) and 8:57:14 (absolute), which belonged to Marta Ferreira (Sporting Lisbon) since 2003 and 2002, respectively.

"I was waiting to beat the national record and I did. It was a goal that I had pointed to this meeting, "said the athlete who, after making 9:00:56 at the International Meeting of Coimbra," knew that the in Oporto could get close to the record or even beat it. " "The fact is that discussing the victory until the end with the Italian swimmer of Lombardy was very important to get hit record," said Andre Angel, ranked second, behind Roberta Ioppi (8:54:52).

With minimum time for the next Juniors Worldcup in August at Lima (Peru), the Leixoes swimmer either "Return to beat the national record in the 1500 free" - it did in Meeting Coimbra - and stay "in the 16 winners. "

After Sara Oliveira (FC Porto / Dolce Vita) have hit the meeting record in the 200 butterfly on the previous day of the competition (2:12.71), fell more than three maximum competition: Enrico Catalano (Lombardy), in the 100 backstroke (56.15), Jordan Coelho (Ile de France), in the 200 butterfly (1:59.99), and Roberta Ioppi (Lombardy), in the 200 backstroke (2:14:13).

Ana Rodrigues (Associação Estamos Juntos), in the 100 breaststroke (1:11:56), Alex Santos (Sporting), in 400 medley (4:27.74), and Jorge Maia (Famalicão) in the 400 freestyle (4:00:53) were the Portuguese who came today to the highest place of the podium.

Jordan Coelho (Ile de France) with 802 points in the 200 butterfly (1:59.99), and Roberta Ioppi (Lombardy), with 805 points in the 200 backstroke (2:14:13) were the best performing athletes.

The Italian team of Lombardy, with 1068 points, came back to win collectively the meeting in Porto. FC Porto / Dolce Vita, with 547 points, was ranked second, followed by Ile de France with 494 points.

The 29th Meeting Internacional do Porto count with the participation of 398 athletes (224 men and 174 women) representing 50 teams from Spain, Italy, France, Switzerland, Denmark, Kuwait and Portugal.

Thes competition, registered in the calendar of European Swimming League (LEN) and the International Swimming Federation (FINA), was organized by the Swimming Association of Northern Portugal (ANNP) and the Municipality of Porto.


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